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Bardstown Internet Service provides local dial up internet access to the Bardstown and Nelson County calling area to both individuals and businesses. We are a full internet service provider (ISP) with WWW, Email, FTP and News capabilities. We also provide web page design and virtual domain hosting services.



CABLE Internet

*Customers with Cable TV also receive a 20% Discount on the regular rate*

With Out Cable TV
With Cable TV
1st 3 Months
1st 3 Months
Residential 1
10.0M ds/1.0M us
$20.00 $25.00
Residential 2
25.0M ds/2.0M us


Residential 3
50.0M ds/4.0M us
$32.00 $37.00
Residential 4
100.0M ds/5.0M us
$40.00 $45.00
Business 1
50.0M ds/4.0M us
$40.00 $45.00
Business 2
80.0M ds/5.0M us
$56.00 $61.00
Business 3 100.0M ds/8.0M us $111.25 $116.25 $88.00 $93.00


With our HighSpeed Cable internet you are always online, and your phone line is never tied up from being online!

Bardstown Internet Cable Service requires no contract. You may either purchase a modem for $63.60(Includes Tax) or rent a modem for only $3.00 per month. Installation Fees differ per situation. Call for details at 349-9444 today!




All DSL accounts include 5MB of server space for your personal or business web page. We support Windows 98, XP, and  2000 systems (other operating systems can connect but we do not provide technical support for them). Software is provided if needed. There is a one time $15 activation fee for all accounts.

Click your city below to view pricing information:


*Some areas may require a 1 year contract*

Domain Name Service

Give your company or organization a presence on the Web! We can register your domain name (i.e. and configure our web server using your domain name ( These virtual servers include 5 email accounts and gives your company a professional web presence at a very good price.

Domain Name Registration
$25.00 per year
Virtual Server Configuration
Virtual Server account
additional $15.00/month**

** In addition to your monthly account; i.e., a dialup account with a virtual server would be $35.95/month. 


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349-9444 .
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